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    COVID-19 Update

GOOD NEWS...Indiana Golf Courses May Remain Open

Dear Fellow Golf Course Owners and Operators,
I am pleased to report that Indiana Golf Courses may be open for play. This news comes directly from the Governor's Office, see below. However, if you choose to be open, please be sure to follow the proper guidelines and keep your staff and customers safe.

The NGCOA has been working diligently to be on top of the situation and working on behalf of the golf industry. You will find up to date information on the newly redesigned website and an excellent list of best practices to make your course Social Distance Ready.
Thanks for your inquiry as President of the Golf Courses Association.
I would start by saying the intent of the Executive Order is to get as many Hoosiers as possible to stay home, work from home, or anything else in their power to stop the spread of the virus. So the state certainly appreciates businesses that have voluntarily shut down or implemented measures to limit human interaction. Further, all businesses should be considering what they can do to minimize the spread among their clients and their employees, even if they are considered essential. These businesses should figure out what “minimum basic operations” (Page 8, paragraph #15) means for them and also be flexible with employees at this time, especially those most at risk.
That being said, we have looked into Executive Order 20-08 and believe that golf courses can continue to operate consistent with other states. However, owners and operators should be limiting any human interaction that is not necessary. People should not be congregating in close proximity, in accordance with CDC guidelines and the Governor’s executive order. Golf carts likely should not be shared, if used at all. Individuals should likely not be touch a pin either. Think hard about what exactly can be done to limit the spread to even one person. As the Governor stated yesterday, one person can infect two… who can all infect two more… so on and so forth.
Beyond this advice, these businesses need to comply with the rest of the executive order. We all must do our part. Thanks for asking.
Chris Creighton
Office of Governor Eric Holcomb
State Legislative Director
200 W. Washington Street - Room 206
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-607-1075 (M)
Feel free to call or email me directly if you have any questions or need any additional information.
Best wishes,
Michelle Wittig
Indiana Golf Course Owners Association


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